Frequently Asked Questions

What types of metals are valuable for recycling?

Different metals earn different amounts. Whereas steel does not earn much, metals such as brass or copper will earn a bit more.

Will you purchase and recycle cars?

If you have the proper documentation, we will purchase automobiles. If you are the owner of the car, you need to bring your ID along with the title with the buyer section left blank. If you are not the person who’s name is on the title as the owner, then you need to get the title notarized with the person who’s name is on the title as the seller and leave the buyer on the back blank.

What types of metal do you purchase?

Please see our products list for a detailed list of metals that we recycle.

Do I need any identification to recycle?

State law stipulates that a person recycling must be a legal adult and present ID.

Is there a specific way to package large loads of recyclables for weighing?

We handle large loads by weighing the vehicle carrying the load on the large scale before and after unloading. For smaller loads, we have other scales for measuring.

Are there certain metals that your Company does not accept?

We accept all types of materials. For a detailed list on metals we accept, and a list of materials that we do not, see our products page.

Do I need to separate the load before presenting it for recycling?

No. We will separate the different types of metals and materials presented.

Do you have the certification necessary to recycle refrigerators?

We do have EPA certification for recycling refrigerators.